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Saturday, 30 April 2011

First Post - April Purchases!!


Books, I love 'em! BUT, I lurve buying them.. Some might say I have no self restraint, others would say 'I need a life'.. Both are probably right.. but I don't care. Since about November 2009 I have managed to accumulate over 430 books.

I don't just go crazy - oh yes I do - I try to buy them at the cheapest possible price I can.. My fave places to buy books.....

BigW, Target, Kmart, BookDepository, Temptations Romance,

What?? No Dymocks, Borders or Angus & Robertson or even online retailers.. Are you crazy?? No ways would I buy a buy from an actual 'chain' bookstore.
Actually, I tell a lie, I bought City of Fallen Angels from Dymocks. Technically, I was waiting outside on the 5th April for the damn store to open, so I could get my greasy mitts on it..
But you see, this leads to my other 8 purchases that day.. Whilst waiting for COFA, I was lead a stray (unchaperoned) into Kmart and ended up with 8 books at the check out.. Damn you Dymocks for not opening faster.. see not my fault..

But I thought I would show you how many books I have bought (does not include ordered books that have not yet arrived) in the month of April.. gulp.. there is a lot and I am a little shocked myself..

The most expensive book in this pile is Pleasure Me, cause it's a new release and it was approx $22 at Temptations, and COFA cause it was $19.95 new release, and Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide for $19, but you can now get it cheaper at BIG W for $16.33. The rest are from Kmart, Target, Big W and the BookDepository - which I can't recommend enough!!

So you see? I was not exaggerating..
Please, tell me about your purchases.. if anything to just make me feel less guilty!!!