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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The Ranger by Monica McCarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 / 4.5 Stars
Arthur Campbell AKA the Ranger and Anna McDougall, what an unlikely pair.
Anna is the daughter of the man that murdered Arthur's father when he was a boy, so there are good reasons to resist the attraction. But this makes for great sexual tension.

Arthur/Ranger goes undercover for the Highland Guard as a knight for the enemy. His mission; to get as close to John of Lorn/ John McDougall (bad guy & Anna's father) as possible and ultimately destroy him so that Bruce (the good guy) moves in to conquer more territory for Scotland. But he sees Anna McDougall and its suddenly becomes 'mission impossible' for him.

Arthur is the strong, quite type, who's tall, gorgeous and of course rippling with muscle - would we have them any other way? No. Anna is the blond/brunette who was blessed with an ample bosom and a very strong character, but with an unfortunate blind hero worship of her Father (the bad guy).

The tension between to the two characters is fun and exciting, especially as Anna works her hardest to get as close to Arthur as she can. Arthur doing all he can to avoid Anna, and stop thinking about her breasts, which becomes quite hard when she does seem to be serving them up for him.

The hurdles this couple face reaches a climax when Anna realises who Arthur is -she's a smart cookie- and confronts him. But I was really impressed with how it played out, the characters and the eventual conclusion.
These stories are deeply set in history and although I found it confusing, I feel that Monica did a really great job in giving every character and story as much depth as possible..
Furthermore, not everything is always perfect in a happily ever after and there are some things that people can't forgive or forget. To avenge his father is something that Arthur has to go through with to feel as though he has succeeded in his life long mission, but that is so much more complicated now, with his love for Anna McDougall. How could he murder the father of the woman he loves without it destroying everything.
What is the past really worth, and will you let it control your future. What is more important.

Great story and I was happy to be reading about a heroine with an ample bosom.. bout time!

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