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Thursday, 30 June 2011

June Purchases

Happy End of Financial Year!!

Some of my end of May will be in my June purchases.. I think I have them all..

Illusions - BigW $11.88
Starcrossed - Kmart $12
Shattering  - Free
Dark Heart Forever - Kmart
Dark Heart Rising - Kmart 
Warlock - Target
Goddess of Troy -
Goddess of Light -
Kiss of Snow - Kmart $19
Flyaway - Readings (Melbourne)
Zombies VS Unicorns - Readings (Melbourne)
Passion - Target $16
Finger Lickin' Fifteen - Kmart $10
Sizzling Sixteen - Kmart $15
Winter's Shadow - Kmart $13
Gone - $9.33

I'm celebrating by buying another book... oh life it is wonderful!!

I'm looking forward to July, quite a few Harlequin Teen books are on their way!!
July Releases

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Publicity and advertising

I recently purchased my copy of Passion (3rd book in Fallen Series) by Lauren Kate, at Target, which I am sure quite a few others have done as well. These books have been highly publicised and their are several different size versions of the books you can get, which really astounds me. BigW was selling an exclusive hardback copy of Fallen and Torment, recently for $49.95 down to $13 each. When has BIG W ever done that for a YA novel??

My gripe is this. I purchased Passion, and it's even bigger in height and depth than the last two books, so none of them match (this bugs me, okay) and from the feedback and reviews I have read and heard they're not very good.

I have not read this series, I was waiting until it was complete.

It begs a questions as to why certain books are advertised to the extreme, and others that aren't. Sometimes these highly publicised books build up such high expectation that they only set themselves up to fail in the readers eyes.
Then there are those books that you have to hunt down, there is only one left on the shelf and its covered in sticky finger marks and no one has heard of it, but it's winning awards allover the country, but the advertising seems to never see the light of day.

Furthermore, what is the with size changes? I don't understand, there must be a technical reason for it, but personally I just think its stupid. Stop changing things, pick a size a style and stick to it, could you imagine if we changed the size of DVDs.. pfft..

End of gripe.

Iron Knight - Puck & Ash turn on the Smoulder!!!


I know I previously posted the beeeauuutiful front cover of the Iron Knight that had Ash and his piercing blue eyes. But Julie Kagawa has released the back cover and it has Puck on it and he is just as scrumptious with unearthly green eyes and a tell tale smirk. Oh Harlequin Teen has out done themselves with these covers, they are so beautiful!! I can't wait to get my hands on it, just to stroke it! ..ach hmm..

Puck you look so serious!! What have you done??

Ash, stop with the bedroom eyes! You're killing me!

25th October... patience my pretty!!

Monday, 13 June 2011


Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich  4 Stars

My first book by Janet Evanovich. Oh my! It was hilarious!!

I have never laughed so much!
Stephanie is classic, she always ends up a mess. Lula, Ranger, Morelli and Connie, and Grandma, oh what a group of characters.

Lula was my favourite character! The part the in the Cayenne when she was dressed in her yellow spandex, oh god! I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so much!

All this crazy shit is happening and all Lula cares about is her doughnuts and her greasy fried chicken. And Mr Clucky AKA Larry, the cross-dressing chicken suit wearing Fireman, who is not gay, but wears ladies panties!! Oh man! Its too hard to explain, just read it!  Very funny and very easy to read!
I will definitely being getting into the other 14 books. :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Fade by Lisa McMann  5 Stars

Well.. This book took me through the ringer..

It was happy, nice, tense, uncomfortable, scary, uncomfortable, creepy, sad, really sad, and at the end of it I mostly felt sad and creeped out.. Really creeped out!

I guess it was the subject matter that it dealt with. Janie is asked to use her Dream Catching ability to discover what Teacher at her high school is a sexual predator on the students. So you think, okay maybe it might get a little uncomfortable to read in certain areas.

Allot uncomfortable! I was creeped out. Its very good and very well done, but I shuddered for at least a few hours afterwards.

Again this dealt with subject matter that is not cookie cutter, 'I like the cute guy in school and he won't look at me.' It dealt with abuse, sex, rape, date rape drugs, under age drinking, sex with minors, pills, inappropriate behaviour, oh it's all really juicy stuff.

But it also dealt with love and relationships and how people deal with emotional and physical abuse, how we 'get over' things that are done to us. Can we?

I guess the reason I felt so sad and creeped out is because this stuff does actually happen in our schools and really it's every girls, kids, parents nightmare.

Very good and I am waiting for my copy of 'Gone.'

I just got the cover of the book! dah!


Wake by Lisa McMann  4 Stars

I had heard very mixed review about this book, but I am more than happy to give something a go and make my own judgement of a book. Well at least I try to.

I was pleasantly surprised with this story. It was different, I like how it was written. By giving you a sense of time it made it fast paced and tense. I really felt for Janie, poor thing! Her curse of being a DreamCatcher is not something you would wish on anybody. It's odd to have your heroine with a power that your reader would NOT want to have. That is not the norm, I mean everyone wants Spidermans powers, don't they? Does anyone consider the changes to Peter Parkers life, would he ever change things back, if he could? Would he have more time for a normal life with whatshername if he weren't Spiderman 50% of time? So is this special ability a gift or a curse??

How Janie and Cabel are two very damaged people that find love and understanding and safety with each other, that was really lovely. Such a sweet story developed in the changing relationships, between her Best Friend Carrie, Melinda and Cabel. It shifts very quickly when Lisa McMann wants it to.

Sometimes in Young Adult novels, drugs, alcohol and sex and all that ugly 'teen' stuff is glossed over and pushed right out to the edge, so you don't even see it. But this book really shoved it in your face and it was good to be shocked a little.

Can't wait to see what 'Fade' has in store for me.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis  5 Stars

Oh yes!! This was great, I saw the cover and said "Aawww.. Look at that back?!!" I got my filthy paws on it and couldn't wait to read it.

Finished the book and said "I think I need a cold shower!!"

If the puppy doesn't suck you in, then Brady will, with blue eyes, an 8-pack and an ass that won't quit!

But seriously, Brady a pilot-for-hire and soldier who's come from working in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is now back in the USA. His adopted brothers Dell and Adam ask him to come to town for a visit and use a rundown Bell 47 (helicopter) as bait. Brady agrees to the fixer upper and ends up staying in Sunshine, Idaho for a month.

Lilah, our wonderful misfit heroine, is run off her feet trying to do far too much for one person, running the kennels, taking in the strays, studying and remembering to eat her salad and not donuts.

Lilah's way of meeting Brady was great, nothing like humiliating yourself. She reverses her piece of crap truck into Brady's. BAM!! Isn't that an ice breaker and since Lilah has a piglet, two puppies and a duck in her truck, you can imagine his first impression. Yes, a duck! Brady manages to ignore the fact that she is salivating over his egg & bacon breakfast roll, to ask if she is okay. But, I personally was salivating over Brady..

This is my Brady..

Booyah baby!! I wouldn't be annoyed if he put a dent in my truck!! *wiggles eyebrows*

The friendship circle of Dell, Adam, Brady and Lilah was great. I loved that Dell and Adam behaved somewhat like big brothers to Lilah, despite Brady being their big brother.

Lilah was great she was strong, NOT clingy, which irked Brady a little towards the end and I loved that.
She was independent, smart, and loved junk food, there's my kind of girl!! :)

Brady starts to enjoy himself in Sunshine, mainly because of Lilah, but their month fling began with an expiry date, which doesn't weigh too heavy over their time together, thankfully, until close to the end of the book. Nothing worse than trying to enjoy a couple's romance with it being constantly doused in cold water with the Author reminding you of all the upcoming despair of separation..

I loved that Lilah makes Brady take the puppy just to piss him off, the girls got guts. Even though she berates herself for eating donuts and junk, she thankfully isn't a whiney, insecure, body conscience heroine. These types tend to need repetitive reinforcement from the hero, this can be redundant and somewhat boring.

Brady gradually relaxes a little and allows himself to enjoy being with his family (Dell and Adam) a little more and it brings out a caring side of him. He wants to look after Lilah and this develops his feeling for her. I have to say when Brady finds Lilah asleep studying and puts her to bed, in just his shirt, I sighed.. How lovely...

It was full of humour, loads of sex, great characters and I can't wait for the next one, Animal Attraction from Jill Shalvis.!!

*Pics of Andy Whitfield playing Spartacus*

Cover Reveal - The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Oh, the gorgeousness.. is that even a word??

The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa - a must read!!

I have been waiting for the cover of The Iron Knight for some time. I just knew it would be delicious, if the previous covers were anything to go by. Julie has her own blog and was recently signing autographs in New York at the BEA - Book Expo America - .... mm hmm, are you thinking what I am thinking??.. I am thinking I need to start saving, now!!

But I'm stalling.. I know you want to see the beautiful cover of the Iron Knight from Harlequin Teen.. how do they make them so damn pretty..

I know, right?... Ash just got his smoulder on!!

This leads me to other cover reveals... Clockwork Prince!!
I will also re-post my reviews of The Iron Fey series...

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa  5+Stars - read in Jan 2011

This was fantastic! For a debut.. WOW!
The perfect book to pick up after what I had just finished.. Within 4 pages I was laughing and smiling again!
It's great writing, it flows, the story is fast paced all the way through, which is fantastic, no boring bits. Julie Kagawa gets you attached to your characters very quickly. The imagination that has gone into creating the worlds is wonderful. The Worlds blossomed in my mind as I read, that's what I love about Young Adult or Fantasy books, no boundaries. I liked that the Herione wasn't always pulled together, she cries, she screams, she gets frustrated. They are more relatable when they accept their emotions and don't just 'refuse to cry', no matter what happens.. Nobody is like that..

The blurb on the back, doesn't really do the book any favours, but seriously, why would you read the back when the front is so gorgeous! I am not really a huge 'faery' fan, but that's not to say I don't read them, I just haven't ventured into that particular subject genre. This has definitely gotten my interest peeked and I might need to scour some more Fey books, especially if they are anything like Ash..
It reminded me allot of the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, one of my fave series.
I can see this getting snatched up for a movie in a few years, fingers crossed..
I am about to sink my teeth into 'Winters Passage 1.5' and then 'The Iron Daughter #2'

Can't wait to see what the fourth book looks like.. :)


Pleasure Me by Monica Burns  2 Stars

I originally bought this book because I was interested in the switch of the stereotypes normally presented in a romance novel. The usual 25 year old virgin and the 30+ manwhore that has shagged anything with two legs..

This story presented a 29 year old man, Garrick Stratfield, who had never been with a woman, he was dare I say it, (gasp), a virgin. And a 41 year old woman who is, yes you can roll your eyes, a Courtesan/Mistress, Lady Ruth.

So I bypassed the title (cringe) slipped my book cover - that my lovely mother made me - on it and dived into it.

Well... I am not impressed.


The story premise was disappointing. The only reason Garrick Stratfield, our hero had not been with a woman was because he was missing one ball. His uncle Beresford, humiliated him when he was about 17 years old and it scarred him emotionally from that day onwards.

Lady Ruth was ditched from her last patron for a younger mistress, and so she is insecure about her age, as she is 41 years old. Did her a favour, if you ask me.

So self esteem is a big issue in this book. But the thing that irritated me the most was the repetition, it was constant. Garrick's humiliating memory is repeated almost every page. I got the point.
Lady ruth is so fixated on her age, that she uses it as an excuse to end her relationship with Garrick and therefore forcing herself to be alone. I just couldn't feel sorry for her after awhile.

The colloquialism was terrible. The first time I read the word 'rod' I cringed, by the third and fourth, I was rolling my eyes praying for it to be over, so I didn't have to imagine Garrick with his rod and only one ball, with all this emotional insecurities.
I probably sound a little insensitive at the moment, but phooey!

You can use, cock, dick, penis, love wand, might wang, dingle dangle, shaft, member, even stiffy, don't ever use the word ROD. (oh god, penis isn't in my thesaurus) And never ever ever call a woman's doodah, a cunny!!! What is that?? urck!!
And do not have your hero, in the midst of sex with your heroine, compare sexual intercourse with his hand. People, what is going on?? Focus!!!!
Furthermore, do not under any circumstances have your hero call the heroine a 'whore.' WHAT THE??

Well if anything, it was a lesson on what not and how not to write, sex, romance, characters emotional background, etc etc..

It was degrading and disappointing. Garrick's growth in this story was just to have sex, which he did and after about 3 visits he was an A+ student. (they refer to eachother as tutor and pupil in the story) Lady Ruth never really grew much in this story, she is dismissive of Garrick's feeling up to the last few pages and annoyingly obsessed about her age.

I think the Author could have built a better background or character arc for Garrick and Lady Ruth, something that could have been more believable. Maybe I had too high expectations for this story and its possibilities to take me outside the norm and status quo.. I am usually the first person to praise a book, even if it doesn't strip me bare and tear my heart out, but this one.. I don't rate it.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A book recommendation from Cassandra Clare

After getting back from Melbourne (geeked out to the MAX) and meeting some of my favourite Authors, (Cassandra Clare, Kristin Cashore, Lucy Christopher) I have so much to catch up on, so I thought I would post this little nugget of gold!!

Cassandra Clare was asked what book would she recommend to anyone, and she said 'A Knife of Never Letting Go' by Patrick Ness. To which the room filled with librarians, teachers and writers 'hmmmed' their approval, whilst I (the nerd) sat nodding my head emphatically, like one of those nodding dogs you put on your car dashboard.

Patrick Ness is a an amazing writer and his 'Chaos Walking Series' blew my mind out of my head!

So, I thought I would re-post my reviews that I wrote for these a year ago, I think they're a little crazy and a teency bit funny.. But the books, are fantastic!!

A Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness   5+ Stars - read in May 2010

If the title deosn't do twixty things to your mind, then be sure that the first page will most certainly get you interested..

The Men that live on New World unfortunately suffer from 'Noise.' Which means all their thoughts are out for everyone to hear, but not as one neat line, its all different thoughts, pictures, feelings, everything which makes it very messy Noise for everyone to hear and see. No Secrets?.. This occurs to all living things on New World - dogs, squirrels etc. EXCEPT WOMEN

Fantastic story and the writing style, well at first, was strange but I got used to it very quickly and really started to like it. I think the author did a fantastic job with making the 'Noise' as palpable for the reader as possible and the world and their culture and even their way of speaking, it was all an integral part of his story. With all this story/brain food you can't help but be sucked in so fast. (no spell check required)- woo hoo!

Todd runs, he don't know why he's running or from what, all he knows is that he can't go back and that everything he once knew is a lie.
What an opener!! So we follow him as he travels, chaos on his heels all the time, but as the 'reader' you are on a 'need to know' basis with information. Making my crazy imagination go nuts! Mr Ness doesn't reveal anything until he absolutely has to, and even then, it's done with an enjoyment of keeping you on the edge of your reading-ass seat.

The premise of the story has alot of HEAVY underlying -relevant- subject matter (jealousy, power, personal insecurities, male v female, control, secrets, paranoia, genocide, war) which is certainly a few steps sideways of my usual romance novels..
But it's refreshing to read something gritty, dirty, ugly, and chock full of suspense. A world where it doesn't always go the way you want it to. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder is very similar, they both deals with 'not-so-fluffy' subject matter and is tense and non-stop.

I am so relieved that I started this series knowing the third book was available, I don't know how I would have survived waiting for the end.

I would recommend this to anyone, its a great read and something that would defintely get your brain firing..
I want a talking dog!!

The Ask And The Answer by Patrick Ness   5+ Stars - read in May 2010

The Ask: Write a review.
The Answer: I will try.. But how to review such a book.

If I thought the first book was insane, well I was wrong. Patrick Ness you are a GOD! The writing is so well crafted that a few words plants the seed in your mind and without the author nudging you too hard you end up pushing yourself off the cliff. Head first!! Crash!!

Todd Hewitt is the most devoted and confused boy/man in the world, I think. In this story Todd is moulded into a man, physically, despite him being a man mentally, for so long. Life ain't easy on New World and the only thing you find yourself wanting (apart from cold blooded vengance) is Viola. Viola. Viola.

This story is like a snowball, it builds and builds and all the while you are reminded that something, something huge is going to happen and dread fills your stomach cause it couldn't possibly get any worse.. wrong again!!

The heavy 'subjects' (genocide, gender discrimination, tyranny, totalitarianism, dystopia) these were touched upon in the first book, and really do come to a grisly head in this one. All the while Mr Ness twists you around his clawed fingers to where I ended up screaming and threatening my book.. I take it all back Mr Ness.. But, but- you sucked me in... :(

I will be honest this book did depress me, I was like a prickly porcupine (grr! bitch) for a whole day, but it's because I was paused and stuck in the middle of devastation with Todd. Then I finished it that night and you couldn't SLAP the grin off my face now.. In fact, I couldn't sleep all that night!! pumped up!!
Oh and by the way, I am still grinning now as I reach for the Final book 'Monsters of Men.' - so glad I have it!

I realise this review does seem a little ambiguous, but if you take anything away from it, it's this. Read it!! It's a fantastic story and the writing, well I love it!! :D

Can't wait to find out what happens, I just hope I don't have to yell at my book again.. it wasn't pretty.

Certainly not a kids book, though, no-siree!!