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Sunday, 21 August 2011


My Darling Caroline by Adele Ashworth  5 stars

Well Brent is a hero you lust after, then you love him, then you hate him, then you want to kick him in the nut sack, repeatedly, then you love him and want to do anything for him.... "Oh, Brent, please take me now!!!"

Caroline is a Botanist, she is some what of a Genius at breeding flowers, and mathematics. But alas, she is a woman and it's not acceptable to have breasts and brains back then. Caroline is one of five blonde delicate daughters, and she's the only brunette and the only un-married one, who dreams of leaving to New York to study further in her field. But Dad has different plans, and more or less sells her to Brent, so they get married, and the sexual tensions starts to build.
Brent is very intense, with his shocking honesty and blatant desires pushing Caroline to rise up and verbally spar with him, proves she is certainly not push over. This intensity only makes it juicier and only adds to the tension between them as she is not just going to lie down and take it. (pardon the pun)

I didn't connect as much with Brent and Caroline as I have with previous couples, but that doesn't mean they weren't great. The chemistry was great and the sex was hot, but I think Brent repeated telling Caroline that he will never love her, kind of made me raise my armour around him, and so I never quite warmed..

I will say that when Brent discovers what Caroline had planned to do, which was leave him, the serve he gives her, is without a doubt the most heart wrenching, hurtful and cold I have read, it was fantastic!! Oh he is such a bastard to her, stomping all over her heart with his big muddy boots. When she is realistically 90% innocent and only 10% guilty, but he won't even let her get a word in.
I think this made it difficult for me to actually forgive Brent, to be honest I was actually reading it thinking "I would tell him to go and f*#@ himself!!"...  I guess I was a little more hurt by Brent, than Caroline was.

Anyway, personal feelings aside, Caroline remains a strong heroine despite being married off to a complete stranger, her life plans and ambitions thrown away and then inevitably falling in love with him.

The ending was great though, and Brent definitely earns his points back, but I can't help but feel that Caroline should have kicked Brent in the nut sack, at least once..!! he deserved it, trust me!

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