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Friday, 2 September 2011


Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast  3 stars

Another of the Goddess Summoning series, this was based losely on The Little Mermaid.

This was good, the story of Christine Canady a US Air Force Seargeant who, through an accident ends up switching bodies with a Mermaid -Princess Undine -and enters a different world. A world of fantasy and magic, where she meets the Goddess Gaea (Earth).

But CC is a Mermaid for maybe 8 hours before she asks the Goddess Gaea to change her into a Human to find her true love. Which is fine, she meets a prince on land and she plays the damsel routine, but then at night when she has to go back to the water and become a Mermaid (every 3 days), she meets Dylan the Merman who protects her.
They fall in love, but the thing that I didn't quite get was, why did she bother getting changed back into a human at all, why didn't she just stay a Mermaid with Dylan and they could have gotten old Daddy-o (Lir, God of the Seas) to sort out Sarpedon (bitch slap him back to his clam shell), at like Chapter 5. But I suppose you miss all the drama.

Anyway, I did enjoy the story, apart from the fact that I felt half of it wasn't really necessary. The end was worth reading 300 odd pages to get to.

Nice story, but I prefer Disney's Little Mermaid - Sebastian "Kiss de girl! sing with me now, shala la la la..."

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