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Sunday, 3 July 2011


Gone by Lisa McMann  3 stars

After 'Wake' and 'Fade' I was disappointed with 'Gone'. I was expecting something else, and it really felt like the epilogue to 'Fade'. That's essentially what it could have been.

The writing was great, everything was up to the standards of the last two, I just felt as though the Author wanted to wrap things up nicely, almost a 'happily ever after' with issues..

The idea of the 'no win' situation was good, that really there was no magical solution to her problems and that she could run or stay and fight hard. Her boyfriend Cabel can't deal with all the issues on hand but I think he is a bloody prince for at least trying and sticking it out. He has terrible nightmares which Janie is inadvertently sucked into and they display all the issues that he can't talk about. This creates a void between him and Janie and it grates on her that Cabel won't talk about their doomed future. But Janie herself doesn't talk to Cabel about what she is thinking, about what she really wants, their both guilty of that.

I feel the author had left herself the opportunity to write a third book, whether it was necessary... well you be the judge of that.

There is a FREE online story by Lisa McMann which is told from Cabel's POV. It's from Wake when he first discovers Janie's secret. Click here for Cabel's Story

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