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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Goddess of Love by P.C. Cast   4 stars

I really enjoyed this, it was funny and light hearted, and Pea was a lovely character. I felt as though she had a similar personality to Bridget Jones, always managing to humiliate herself, but doesn't let it destroy her resolve. She was a strong grounded female, no ways a damsel. Venus is just the trick for her self confidence, like a fairy godmother. Who wouldn't want one of those??

It's a tried and tested story that still works in this lovely modern twist. Venus is summoned by Pea to help her find her inner goddess. And to help her win a man. Pea is infatuated with her neighbour the hunky, manly man of muscles and chief Fireman, Griffin. But Pea is not right for Griffin but, crushes are crushes, and this is what makes the story more interesting.

Venus the Goddess of love is married (platonically) to Vulcan the God of Fire and this guy is definitely someone you want warming your sheets... giggles!!
Venus has no problem with asking direct questions about peoples masturbating habits or sexual habits and it makes for some hilarious moments, but obviously, Venus is the Goddess of Sensual Love, Beauty and the Erotic Arts, so sex and love and pleasure are what she literally is, so she doesn't understand why people get all embarrassed.. Vulcan, the imperfect God of Olympus watches Venus with Pea and finds himself captivated by Pea... Interested peeked yet?? Pardon the pun, haha...

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