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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas  4 stars

This is just one example as to why I adore, worship, Lisa Kleypas. 
Page 8... Holly is a widow and she has attended a ball, and gone into a private room to catch her breath and escape all the people and their pitiful stares. In the dark she is suddenly captured by a dark shadow of a man. Oh and he kisses the life out of her, but just as things are really starting to cook up a frenzy, Kleypas drops this line in as this mystery man has just taken her in his arms and kissed her unexpectedly. "She jerked in startled reaction, amazed and horrified and abruptly furious... he had taken away George's last kiss"

That just kills me. 

Lisa gives her characters depth, even her dead ones. She doesn't skimp on the story, or the the relationship building. She never sets things up to simply fall together, she always puts some kind of obstacle in their way. It always believable and worthy.

Holly, a widow with a very young daughter, Rose. Zachary Bronson, very rich but doesn't have blue blood required to be accepted in the right social circles. He hires Holly to teach him and his sister Elizabeth. Holly wishing to be free of her controlling in-laws and desiring her independence accepts the position. 
Well the sexual tension just builds exponentially from the day she moves in.

Check out this little gem..

Well, well, well, if it isn't the secret p.o.r.n picture in the book... I love these!! 
Okay, its not quite what I pictured, but who cares.. They are about to get it on in the wildflowers!! That is a leg hitch, if I ever saw one!!!

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