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Friday, 2 September 2011


Changing the Game by Jaci Burton  5 Stars

WOW!! Excuse me while I rub the book all over me... haha

Gavin (Pro Baseball Player) and his agent Elizabeth have known each other for years, but since Gavin's brother Mike, fired Elizabeth (The Perfect Play) a distance between the friends, client/agent has developed. This is mainly because Elizabeth has been madly in love with Gavin for about 5+ years and since Mike fired her she is terrified that Gavin will do the same. Elizabeth doesn't sleep with or date her clients and it's her job to make sure men like Gavin are sleeping with or seen with as many hot actresses as possible.

I didn't really like Elizabeth in the first book Play by Play, but I was wrong because Jaci Burton has certainly created some juicy characters. Gavin confronts Elizabeth about her avoiding him, not planning a seduction but then he can't seem to help his attraction to her when she finally (and literally) lets her hair down and spends some time (not work related), with him.

..Then the conversation starts to shift, there is some sneaky ogling going on and soon neither one can deny the attraction any longer... hot craziness ensues

"I don't have sex with my clients, Gavin."
His lips quirked. "You want me to fire you so I can f*ck you?"
Her body was going up in flames. Why was he doing this to her?
"Not particularly."
"Do you want me to f*ck you?"

And this is only page 15, folks!!.. :D

This book is HOT, it's slide off your seat hot, and with a great story to boot..

Drama obviously ensues and Gavin is a bit of a dick (huge dickhead actually) but, I was so pleased that Elizabeth reacted the way she did. She was smart and strong and didn't allow someone to continually hurt her, she made her decision.
I LOVED that Elizabeth didn't melt at the first apology or half baked 'sorry' from Gavin, she went through hell and I was immensely satisfied that Gavin goes through the same.
Fantastic ending, I re-read it a couple of times!!

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