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Thursday, 15 September 2011


Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake   5+ Stars

If you think the cover is beautiful (which it is), then you wait until you read the story!!

'Girls, on the other hand, have always come easy. I don't know why that is, exactly. Maybe it's the outsider vibe and a well-placed brooding look. Maybe it's something I think I see sometimes in the mirror, something that reminds me of my father. Or maybe I'm just damn easy on the eyes.'

Love Cas, his personality and inner monologue is fantastic!!.. Theseus Cassio Lowood, a Ghost Hunter NOT a Ghost Buster!! Instead of breaking hearts he's vanquishing spirits, sending the evil spirits away. He saving people and they don't even know it! And seriously, with an outstanding name like that could you expect anything less than total awesomeness!!!!
Anna, Anna Korlov AKA Anna Dressed In Blood - utterly grotesque, wicked, scary, confusing, vulnerable, strong, beautiful and terrible!!

This new Teen Horror from Kendare really stands out, not just because it's horror but it's really GOOD and because it's delving into a tried and test genre that is successful with teens and YA demographic!! Buffy, Charmed, Supernatural, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf .. the list goes on. If it works, go with it people!!

I really enjoyed the 1st Person POV because it made me feel like I was literally watching/reading a movie, there wasn't any crap that is page filler, it was all go, go, go. I immediately felt like I was watching an episode of Supernatural, with Dean or Sam, driving along looking gorgeous and kicking ass. But his confidence is tested (beaten to a pulp) when Cas and his mother move to Thunder Bay to hunt Anna Korlov - Anna Dressed In Blood and end her killing spree. But will Cas' strength and skill beat enough to overcome whats in hiding in that house!!
Oh, it was great how Kendare managed to slip romance in between the pages of murder and dismemberment given that the story really and truly is 'Boy meets girl. Girl kills People story'.. I'm still smiling!

Definitely read it, I think Kendare has only just started (what a start) and will very quickly become a very popular YA author, with us readers scrambling over eachother for her next story!!

That cover.. I just love it!!

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