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Thursday, 27 October 2011


How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper  3.5 Stars

Mo and Cooper, definitely have enough sexual tension between them to fuel a TV series for at least 6 seasons!! I love the 'I hate him, but he makes my panties combust' relationships..

Mo has moved to Grundy, Alaska to start a new life and everyone in town is friendly and nice, except for Cooper. Cooper is tall, dark and gorgeous, but grouchy and unfriendly to Mo, he sees her as another tourists on a quest to 'find herself' which usually ends with the person leaving Alaska disappointed and this obviously has a big impact on the small town.

So the attraction between the two characters is great, and I loved the dialogue, there are some fabulous one liners.. I really enjoyed reading Mo's sarcasm and her musings, and Cooper as a Werewolf is lovely. It was a good story, and Molly put a lot of effort building her world and setting, obviously she plans for more in this series, perhaps. 
But the only thing that I found was lacking was the 'nitty gritty'.. Seriously there is all this tension, all this build up and you are expecting fireworks, the pages should be too hot to handle!... And it was a big let down, I was really disappointed that there wasn't more too it. 

With stories that build sexual tension in the context of 'love/hate/you irritate the crap out of me/I can't stop kissing you' - need, must have mind blowing sex.. not glaze over it.. It's like going to a Die Hard movie and then sitting down to watch the bad guy walk out and surrender to Bruce Willis before he has even had the opportunity to blow anything up!! No one wants that!

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