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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Can you NOT judge a book by it's Cover??

I can't.. I admit it, I judge. I am super judgy! I am the reader/buyer and therefore the Judge, Jury and Executioner to the Author/Publisher.. This judgement is irrefutable when it comes to what I am spending my money on and what type of story or picture is going to spark my interest long enough for me to read the blurb on the back! You do not want to be found wanting!!!!!
If I like the story and perhaps not the cover, I will scour Goodreads and the Internet until I find a cover that pleases me and possibly pay more for it.. Its pathetic, I know.. But if I am spending the money, I want my book to look the best...

Sometimes it's an extreme difference and one you could potentially be beaten up for, if caught reading a book with a *ach hmm* cringe worthy cover on public transport..  These usually consist of pictures with flowers or tartan, animals (mostly Stallions) a castle and hair that blows in every direction and makes a Pantene advert look like dirty mop head.. (right) I have read Moning's Highlander series and they are fabulous, one of my fave's!!

Then there are the covers that are soo good you buy the book without even caring how good the story is or what it's about.. These eye grabbing, jaw dropping covers are becoming more popular. (left is the Adonis 'Jed Hill') Just incase you're wondering the book was just as awesome as the cover!

And no, they are not all of the 'panty wetting muscled chest - I need to rub the book all over me' kind.

Some beautiful covers are in the Young Adult variety, actually there are so many I had trouble picking one...

Now-a-days a book cover is as vital to a book's success, as a movie's publicity, actors, and promotional products (trailers, posters etc) is. If you advertise a movie badly, people will assume that the movie is a product from the same machine.

Book Covers have an even harder time, you can't simply slap someone like Ryan Reynolds on a book cover and ride him all night on his abdominal's fame for the sales.. (Oh, how I wish they would put Ryan on book covers!)

A cover must appeal to a much wider demographic. In sum up.. A cover could kill your book or make it a top seller!! (I'm sorry, but did you see Ryan there on the left??)

Harry Potter - prime example - It was released with Adult Covers.. Harry Potter has been read by all ages, unprecedented success, but it made it more appealing to the 'older audience' by releasing Adult Covers. Therefore, expanding it's demographic and increasing sales. Same story, but we can't help but feel the cover of a book we are reading reflects on ourselves, and therefore feel we are being judged by what it is we are reading..

So would you conclude that we do all judge a book by its cover..??

Book Covers and their release are now on count downs.. Some are so beautiful that times I am tempted just to buy a book for it's cover, as opposed to not buying it cause of it's cringe factor..

Some covers expected to dazzle this year are ... 
Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare
Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick
Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa
and many more....

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