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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Goddess of the Rose by P.C. Cast    4 Stars

My First P.C. Cast book and I was not disappointed.
I admit I was a little intimidated by reading anything by P.C. Cast solely because of the huge amount of books she has (and I own). Equals part fear of disappointment, and equal parts fear that I would love her writing.

It was great!

Mikado aka Mikki, named after a rose, has grown a passion for roses, this is fueled by a family tradition where she has developed a special gift for tending her Roses. This gift lands her in trouble, though. Trouble being the form of a Beast capturing her into the 'Realm of the Rose' where she is now the Goddess Hecate's  Empousa. Commanding control of the Elements, Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Mikki is in command of the Realm and all it's Roses and she must ensure that the Realm is not compromised by Dream Stealers, as it's Realm and all that surrounds it is actually a delicate web of dreams, nightmares, wishes, and lots more. So, there is no chilling out by the fountain with cocktails. No!

Up until Mikki is captured by the Beast, she has been enjoying nights filled with erotic and sexy dreams involving someone/something that stalks her naked through the garden. This sexy game of cat and mouse ends with her discovering abruptly but not un-wantedly that her stalker is in fact the Beast. So when she is kidnapped, initially things are a little unusual. But Mikki's reactions are great, very realistic and I really enjoyed being her, for a few days. Especially all the cheese she got to eat.. Yes, at first Mikki feels as though she is nuts and perhaps should NOT still be enjoying the dreams, because of what 'he' is. This obviously is confronted in the story as the main theme, as Mikki can't help but fall in love with Beast.

P.C. Cast write a really good story, they don't just write a book solely for the sexual climax, but wait, don't sigh with disappointment ladies. It's a lovely story and one that shows acceptance, love and determination. Obviously, at the end of Beauty and the Beast, typically Belle is offered a dashing prince transformed and they live HEA... boring!!

Well, the Beast in this book is different to the Beast from Disney, he is more human, more man, if you know what I mean!
But, this time Beast is far more charming and beautiful in his true form. He still has his moments of gruff and growl, but this only excites Mikki further. The roles of 'tortured love' and heroine 'discovering the beauty from beneath' is done, thankfully, without reading books and snowball fights. While that works wonders for Disney (and I love the movie) but this needed to be more about two adults. Two adults, maybe not human but falling in love despite the differences and dealing with other people's judgement and prejudices. At least, as in Disney, Beast was still a romantic. And really who could resist that smile??

And no, this is not a book about Bestiality, it's about love and acceptance and loving someone for who they are, not what they are. If you ever enjoyed the story of Beauty and the Beast, I would recommend this.

Then I ask you, which would you prefer.. Beast or Prince??

Woah!!!   Wait a second!! Helloooo Prince!!

I don't remember him on my DVD, I might need to re-watch it!! *rummages through DVDs* Where is that Special Edition?? Disney R18+

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