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Thursday, 19 May 2011

DISNEY for Adults I think!!

Oh oh oh!!... I was g-imaging for pics of the Beast for my review and stumbled upon probably the best discovery since

Seriously you have to check this out!!

David Kawena is a (crazy outstanding EPICALLY talented) artist that takes Disney heroes and makes them.. well HOT!!! Can you believe that he draws these..

Here are a few of my *ach hmm* personal faves.. but the link to his Deviant Art page is here.. Please take a few moments to oogle the talent!  haha!!

 Did you see his, his.. *clears throat* Sword!!??

Prince Naveen.
"Princess and the Frog"

I don't think that's a frog!


There were so many to choose from, but I had to put Eugene (Flynn Ryder) from Tangled cause I am currently in love with that movie.. But daa-aammn, I think I love it a little bit more, for some reason..
hmm.. He's too big for my page!! :)

These are incredible drawings!

David Kawena I envy your talent!!

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