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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Outside In by Maria V.Snyder

When I finished Inside Out I couldn't wait to get into the sequel. Picking up from where we left off. Lots of change, chaos, panic, and disgruntled people.. Sounds like a typical office. 

Trella hasn't really learnt her lesson from Inside Out, she has gone backwards, back to her disinterested attitude she had before Broken Man. Everyone else is trying to cope with the changes around Inside and she is more interested in hiding in the Expanse. She's not a coward, she has ended up with all the responsibility that she really doesn't want or is ready for and naturally she pushes it all away, preferring to hide from it and hope that everyone else can do it without her. 
But, Trella is so good at leading, solving problems and seeing both sides of an argument, that she is a natural leader. People are drawn to her for that as it shines in her personality. 

The problems in the first book seem insignificant to the sequel, but I suppose things are never easy, and its realistic because these issues would happen in real life. From one extreme to the other, though. So many laws and duties and deadlines - to people not turning up for work at all and sabotage for power. 

Trella did frustrate me a little in the beginning when she pushes herself away from everything and almost everyone. She has been independent for so long, that I suppose learning to trust people is difficult but she doesn't try nearly hard enough. She is cruel to Dr Lamont and thankfully Riley calls her up on it and I was glad for that. Riley is the level headed character, fighting with his feelings for Trella and his inability to influence her and gain her trust. This obviously has a strong impact on their new relationship. 

The story premise was very interesting and I suppose borders on Sci-Fi, but only slightly. The writing really gained momentum in this book, and didn't let up. Snyder's world was very different, I suppose given it's a confined and closed environment that is so stark and dry she was really able to paint her own harsh landscape. Very different to the Study series and its lush and changing sceneries. Overall the writing was great, Snyder knows how to write a great story and can really suck you in! Snyder is certainly not afraid to put her heroine through HELL!!

Outside In is due in store (Target, BigW & Kmart) July 2011.. Check out Harlequin Teen for more or Maria V. Snyder's website

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