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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Publicity and advertising

I recently purchased my copy of Passion (3rd book in Fallen Series) by Lauren Kate, at Target, which I am sure quite a few others have done as well. These books have been highly publicised and their are several different size versions of the books you can get, which really astounds me. BigW was selling an exclusive hardback copy of Fallen and Torment, recently for $49.95 down to $13 each. When has BIG W ever done that for a YA novel??

My gripe is this. I purchased Passion, and it's even bigger in height and depth than the last two books, so none of them match (this bugs me, okay) and from the feedback and reviews I have read and heard they're not very good.

I have not read this series, I was waiting until it was complete.

It begs a questions as to why certain books are advertised to the extreme, and others that aren't. Sometimes these highly publicised books build up such high expectation that they only set themselves up to fail in the readers eyes.
Then there are those books that you have to hunt down, there is only one left on the shelf and its covered in sticky finger marks and no one has heard of it, but it's winning awards allover the country, but the advertising seems to never see the light of day.

Furthermore, what is the with size changes? I don't understand, there must be a technical reason for it, but personally I just think its stupid. Stop changing things, pick a size a style and stick to it, could you imagine if we changed the size of DVDs.. pfft..

End of gripe.

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