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Saturday, 4 June 2011


Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis  5 Stars

Oh yes!! This was great, I saw the cover and said "Aawww.. Look at that back?!!" I got my filthy paws on it and couldn't wait to read it.

Finished the book and said "I think I need a cold shower!!"

If the puppy doesn't suck you in, then Brady will, with blue eyes, an 8-pack and an ass that won't quit!

But seriously, Brady a pilot-for-hire and soldier who's come from working in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is now back in the USA. His adopted brothers Dell and Adam ask him to come to town for a visit and use a rundown Bell 47 (helicopter) as bait. Brady agrees to the fixer upper and ends up staying in Sunshine, Idaho for a month.

Lilah, our wonderful misfit heroine, is run off her feet trying to do far too much for one person, running the kennels, taking in the strays, studying and remembering to eat her salad and not donuts.

Lilah's way of meeting Brady was great, nothing like humiliating yourself. She reverses her piece of crap truck into Brady's. BAM!! Isn't that an ice breaker and since Lilah has a piglet, two puppies and a duck in her truck, you can imagine his first impression. Yes, a duck! Brady manages to ignore the fact that she is salivating over his egg & bacon breakfast roll, to ask if she is okay. But, I personally was salivating over Brady..

This is my Brady..

Booyah baby!! I wouldn't be annoyed if he put a dent in my truck!! *wiggles eyebrows*

The friendship circle of Dell, Adam, Brady and Lilah was great. I loved that Dell and Adam behaved somewhat like big brothers to Lilah, despite Brady being their big brother.

Lilah was great she was strong, NOT clingy, which irked Brady a little towards the end and I loved that.
She was independent, smart, and loved junk food, there's my kind of girl!! :)

Brady starts to enjoy himself in Sunshine, mainly because of Lilah, but their month fling began with an expiry date, which doesn't weigh too heavy over their time together, thankfully, until close to the end of the book. Nothing worse than trying to enjoy a couple's romance with it being constantly doused in cold water with the Author reminding you of all the upcoming despair of separation..

I loved that Lilah makes Brady take the puppy just to piss him off, the girls got guts. Even though she berates herself for eating donuts and junk, she thankfully isn't a whiney, insecure, body conscience heroine. These types tend to need repetitive reinforcement from the hero, this can be redundant and somewhat boring.

Brady gradually relaxes a little and allows himself to enjoy being with his family (Dell and Adam) a little more and it brings out a caring side of him. He wants to look after Lilah and this develops his feeling for her. I have to say when Brady finds Lilah asleep studying and puts her to bed, in just his shirt, I sighed.. How lovely...

It was full of humour, loads of sex, great characters and I can't wait for the next one, Animal Attraction from Jill Shalvis.!!

*Pics of Andy Whitfield playing Spartacus*

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