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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cover Reveal - The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Oh, the gorgeousness.. is that even a word??

The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa - a must read!!

I have been waiting for the cover of The Iron Knight for some time. I just knew it would be delicious, if the previous covers were anything to go by. Julie has her own blog and was recently signing autographs in New York at the BEA - Book Expo America - .... mm hmm, are you thinking what I am thinking??.. I am thinking I need to start saving, now!!

But I'm stalling.. I know you want to see the beautiful cover of the Iron Knight from Harlequin Teen.. how do they make them so damn pretty..

I know, right?... Ash just got his smoulder on!!

This leads me to other cover reveals... Clockwork Prince!!
I will also re-post my reviews of The Iron Fey series...

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa  5+Stars - read in Jan 2011

This was fantastic! For a debut.. WOW!
The perfect book to pick up after what I had just finished.. Within 4 pages I was laughing and smiling again!
It's great writing, it flows, the story is fast paced all the way through, which is fantastic, no boring bits. Julie Kagawa gets you attached to your characters very quickly. The imagination that has gone into creating the worlds is wonderful. The Worlds blossomed in my mind as I read, that's what I love about Young Adult or Fantasy books, no boundaries. I liked that the Herione wasn't always pulled together, she cries, she screams, she gets frustrated. They are more relatable when they accept their emotions and don't just 'refuse to cry', no matter what happens.. Nobody is like that..

The blurb on the back, doesn't really do the book any favours, but seriously, why would you read the back when the front is so gorgeous! I am not really a huge 'faery' fan, but that's not to say I don't read them, I just haven't ventured into that particular subject genre. This has definitely gotten my interest peeked and I might need to scour some more Fey books, especially if they are anything like Ash..
It reminded me allot of the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, one of my fave series.
I can see this getting snatched up for a movie in a few years, fingers crossed..
I am about to sink my teeth into 'Winters Passage 1.5' and then 'The Iron Daughter #2'

Can't wait to see what the fourth book looks like.. :)

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa  4/5 Stars - read in Jan 2011

** spoiler alert **
Okay.. I am not sure whether I want to give this a 4 or a 4.5..

This one was a great follow up to the debut The Iron King.

I was a little susprised by some of the twists and turns.. It was non-stop again and had a heavy dose of tension and love and tears and fighting and everything that makes a good YA Fantasy...
I will admit that the relationship between Ash and Meghan did seem to build very quickly and I felt as though I had missed a chapter or two of tension build up and flirting between them - the groundwork for what they have in this book. How old is Ash anyway??
Meghan and Puck however, I could feel their attraction easily, and it felt normal when they had their intimate moments. Ash and Meghan felt hollow, rushed, I felt as though she lusted after Ash but really loved Puck. Another wrong decision by another Heroine.. grr what is it with these love triangle/best friend things with YA Novels..

That one gripe aside.. it was an excellent story! I liked that it travelled around alot, human world, Never Never, etc..
I was angry with Meghan for her choice, I feel like she made the wrong one. It was rash and emotion fueled, no logic at all!!.. ahh the joys of being a teenager in love.. It's great, cause you do act rash at that age and you chase after what you want, to hell with the consequences and who gets hurt..

Kagawa has built a huge empire in this story spanning three worlds, Human, Never Never and now the Inbetween, with rules that are just waiting to be broken!!.. It's nice to know that she has a huge imagination and so much more coming for us readers.. The writing is great it flows, it's funny in places and has you crying in others, doesn't get bogged down and can pick it's self up very easily. No time to sleep!

I can't wait to see what happens in The Iron Queen, Meghan getting stronger and delving into her powers, finally! I only hope that it picks up right where we left off.. I need a Kindle, damn it!!

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa 5+ Stars - read in Jan 2011

** spoiler alert **
Wow.. this was certainly the best of all three books..
It definitely all comes to a head in this one.. Talk about a roller coaster ride.
Julie builds her worlds wonderfully and the characters, good or bad, seem to come alive off the page.
It's a fantastic adventure, and it gets bigger and bigger with every book. There isn't one wasted page in this story, it packed in tightly almost to the bursting point. Julie doesn't really let you or Meghan catch her breath, its not easy for our Heroine, but it never is.
Meghan is great because she is relatable and she grows slowly, getting stronger and stronger and it was nice that she took it upon herself to learn how to protect herself. No Damsels allowed in Young Adult (except Bella). She still has the niggles about her mortal life and everyday fears and longings of her old life.
I felt a much stronger connection between Ash and Meghan in this book and I think it was partly because of the distance that was put between Puck and Meghan. (not that I don't adore Puck) It allowed you to focus on the one relationship of her and Ash and I really got into it. It was needed to stop the reader worrying about how their relationship triangle was going to erupt, with Puck around.

It was very surprising and exciting and Puck was always good for a humour in the midst of the madness... I also cried like a baby. It was very beautiful at times. Especially between Ash and Meghan and how terrified and desperate Ash is to keep Meghan safe. His fear, though it's cleverly masked finally shows in this book and you get a glimpse beneath his stoicism and cool exterior. The ending was beautiful.. oh what an ending!!

I can't wait to see what happens in the Iron Knight.. very interesting!! Fabulous book!!! Loved It!!

... go on, scroll back up to that beautiful cover!! ahhh..*sigh*... Ash!!


  1. What is the name of the guy on the cover of the book that makes Ash?

  2. Hi, I dont know. Sorry. Perhaps try the Harlequin Teen website for those details. or Julie Kagawa's blog.