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Sunday, 12 June 2011


Wake by Lisa McMann  4 Stars

I had heard very mixed review about this book, but I am more than happy to give something a go and make my own judgement of a book. Well at least I try to.

I was pleasantly surprised with this story. It was different, I like how it was written. By giving you a sense of time it made it fast paced and tense. I really felt for Janie, poor thing! Her curse of being a DreamCatcher is not something you would wish on anybody. It's odd to have your heroine with a power that your reader would NOT want to have. That is not the norm, I mean everyone wants Spidermans powers, don't they? Does anyone consider the changes to Peter Parkers life, would he ever change things back, if he could? Would he have more time for a normal life with whatshername if he weren't Spiderman 50% of time? So is this special ability a gift or a curse??

How Janie and Cabel are two very damaged people that find love and understanding and safety with each other, that was really lovely. Such a sweet story developed in the changing relationships, between her Best Friend Carrie, Melinda and Cabel. It shifts very quickly when Lisa McMann wants it to.

Sometimes in Young Adult novels, drugs, alcohol and sex and all that ugly 'teen' stuff is glossed over and pushed right out to the edge, so you don't even see it. But this book really shoved it in your face and it was good to be shocked a little.

Can't wait to see what 'Fade' has in store for me.

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