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Sunday, 12 June 2011


Fade by Lisa McMann  5 Stars

Well.. This book took me through the ringer..

It was happy, nice, tense, uncomfortable, scary, uncomfortable, creepy, sad, really sad, and at the end of it I mostly felt sad and creeped out.. Really creeped out!

I guess it was the subject matter that it dealt with. Janie is asked to use her Dream Catching ability to discover what Teacher at her high school is a sexual predator on the students. So you think, okay maybe it might get a little uncomfortable to read in certain areas.

Allot uncomfortable! I was creeped out. Its very good and very well done, but I shuddered for at least a few hours afterwards.

Again this dealt with subject matter that is not cookie cutter, 'I like the cute guy in school and he won't look at me.' It dealt with abuse, sex, rape, date rape drugs, under age drinking, sex with minors, pills, inappropriate behaviour, oh it's all really juicy stuff.

But it also dealt with love and relationships and how people deal with emotional and physical abuse, how we 'get over' things that are done to us. Can we?

I guess the reason I felt so sad and creeped out is because this stuff does actually happen in our schools and really it's every girls, kids, parents nightmare.

Very good and I am waiting for my copy of 'Gone.'

I just got the cover of the book! dah!

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